Organic Dry Cleaning

We at Astor The Organic Drycleaners believe in adopting the latest trends in technology available in the world in conjunction with our sustained efforts in providing our future generations a cleaner & healthier environment. According to extensive research carried out by Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) USA, & an independent research carried out by The University of Michigan School of Natural resources & Environment USA, it was noted that wet cleaning is the most environmentally sensitive professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals, does not generate hazardous waste nor does the process create air pollution and also reduces water & soil contamination. It is not the use of water that makes wet cleaning a safest method for cleaning clothes but computer-controlled state-of- the-art wet cleaning machines, special dryers, Stretchers, safe detergents and non-toxic spot removers (All sourced from Spain & Germany) are what make wet cleaning an environmentally sound method. Also the detergents & spot removers used are made of biodegradable ingredients that are safer for workers and environment yet is as safe & effective at removal soils, stains and odors as are other dry-cleaning solvents. A study conducted by New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP21) shows wet cleaning can effectively clean without shrinkage or otherwise damaging a majority of dry clean only, garments safely including leather, suede, mostly tailored woolen, silk and rayon. But there are only a select few wet cleaners in India as it is an expensive technology (Machinery & detergents).


Italian Dry Cleaning Organic Dry Clenaning Regular Dry Cleaning
Machinery / Equipments Imported Machines from Italy Imported Machines from Sweden Domestic Indian Origin
Chemicals/ Solvents German (Meeting European Standards of Cleaning) Swedish ( woolmark approved ) Domestic Indian Origin
Solvent Type Used Hydrocarbon Special Imported Detergents + Water Petrol (MTO)
Drying Method With Humidity Control Enabled Special Dryers With Humidity Control Enabled Special Dryers Conventional
Ironing/Pressing Type Italian Ironing/Pressing Equipments Italian Ironing/Pressing Equipments Conventional Indian Pressing
Dermotologically Tested
Tested for allergies
Anti Bacterial Properties
Anti Moth Protection
Possibility of Shrinkage
Possibility of Color Loss or color Fade
Possibility of Damage (LongTerm) to Cloth Fibre
Suitability on Regular woolens
Suitability on cashmere/Pashmina
Suitability on Silk Garments
Suitability for casual cotton Garments
Suitability for Designer/Special Garments
Suitability for Grease/Oil Based Stains
Suitability for Soil & other stains
Envoirnmental friendly
Odor of Chemcials used
Overall Difference in terms of cleaning Method