Italian Dry Cleaning

Primarily used for oil & grease based stains, this cleaning method also gives great results on woolens & delicate garments. Solvents used in this process are far gentler on garments than PERC (An old technology/method still used by select few Drycleaners in India) & MTO (or commonly known as white-petrol cleaning Used by 99% of traditional Drycleaners in India) and very rarely causes color loss on garments. Hence, now-a-days all major International Brands/Labels recommend this cleaning method. This cleaning method is also more expensive than Wet Cleaning & Conventional/ Traditional Dry cleaning method as extremely expensive & complicated machines are required in this process and have to be sourced from abroad since no Indian manufactures yet have mastered this complex technology. This is primarily the reason why 99.5% of Dry cleaners in India do not have access to this Technology/Cleaning method.


Italian Dry Cleaning Organic Dry Clenaning Regular Dry Cleaning
Machinery / Equipments Imported Machines from Italy Imported Machines from Sweden Domestic Indian Origin
Chemicals/ Solvents German (Meeting European Standards of Cleaning) Swedish ( woolmark approved ) Domestic Indian Origin
Solvent Type Used Hydrocarbon Special Imported Detergents + Water Petrol (MTO)
Drying Method With Humidity Control Enabled Special Dryers With Humidity Control Enabled Special Dryers Conventional
Ironing/Pressing Type Italian Ironing/Pressing Equipments Italian Ironing/Pressing Equipments Conventional Indian Pressing
Dermotologically Tested
Tested for allergies
Anti Bacterial Properties
Anti Moth Protection
Possibility of Shrinkage
Possibility of Color Loss or color Fade
Possibility of Damage (LongTerm) to Cloth Fibre
Suitability on Regular woolens
Suitability on cashmere/Pashmina
Suitability on Silk Garments
Suitability for casual cotton Garments
Suitability for Designer/Special Garments
Suitability for Grease/Oil Based Stains
Suitability for Soil & other stains
Envoirnmental friendly
Odor of Chemcials used
Overall Difference in terms of cleaning Method