Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Organic, Italian & Conventional Dry-cleaning…?

Astor The Organic Drycleaners is the only Dry-cleaning House in the country which provides all 3 cleaning types used across the world under one roof.

We have created a detail chart for you to understand the difference between all 3 cleaning types adopted worldwide. Click here to know more …

How to schedule my first pick-up ?

We give you multiple choices to avail our services in few easy steps:

  • You can visit our website & add garments to the cart and place an order.
  • You can download our app and place an order.
  • You can call us or drop us a message on what’s app to place an order @ 9599099688.
  • You can drop a message on Facebook Messenger to place an order.
  • Or you can visit any of our stores nearest to you and avail discounts on self Pickup & Drop, For Location of stores click here.

In the unlikely case that your pick-up gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will update you before-hand.

How to reschedule a missed pickup/delivery?

If you happen to have missed your pickup/delivery, you can simply reschedule it by calling at our call centre number and we will reschedule it.

Q. What's our order turnaround time?

We take 24 Hours for express delivery and 48-72 hours for standard delivery.

During peak season time the turnaround time can increase for the same we will notify you prior to confirming you a delivery date.

What if I need my Dry-cleaning / laundry done faster?

Pick and delivery is free on orders above Rs 750. We charge a delivery fee of Rs 100 for orders below Rs 750.

How do I know that my delicate designer wear items are in safe hands?

We at Astor understand this and our quality control managers are handpicked selected professionals. If your delicate expensive items need to be cleaned a certain way, don’t worry – you can give special instructions while placing order. Though we strictly adhere to label instruction attached with the garments to ensure optimum care possible.

Do you charge for pick up and delivery of clothes?

Pick and delivery is free on orders above Rs 750. We charge a delivery fee of Rs 100 for orders below Rs 750.

How do you process my clothes, where are my clothes headed?

Our customers trust us to care for their clothes and household textiles. To ensure top notch quality standards, meticulous attention to detail is given to every garment that comes to us. The garments directly goes to one of the designated Astor Live cleaning Stores where we have live state of the art Italian machines, we then follow the Seven Stages of Garment Care, adopted worldwide by professional cleaning houses, which comprises of: Detailing, Stain Removal, Cleaning, Hand Finishing, Minor repairs, Inspection followed by packaging.

What is the minimum order size?

Our Minimum order value is Rs 750

Are there things that you will not wash?

If our store or cleaning expert discover that it would not be sensible to wash a certain textile, we will contact you and agree on how to continue. If any item is missing from the list on our website, you can request us to add that item by calling us on 9599099688

How do I give special instructions for my clothes?

You just need to mention it while placing the order or write it down in the special instruction column in pick up receipt.

What if I am missing an item of clothing from my returned lot?

You can register a complaint with our operations team and we will sort it out on a priority

What if I am missing an item of clothing from my returned lot?

What happens if I leave personal items in my pockets?

How do you accept payment?

We accept online payments, digital wallet payments and cash from our customers to be given to our delivery executive once you have received your clothes. Also, you can pay online while placing the order.

How do I avail discounts?

Any discounts/Offers are shown on the website or App. Also you can simply call us any time to know more about the latest offers.

Is there a discount on self pickup & drop?

Yes you can check our offers section by clicking here or call us to know more about the latest discount offered on self pickup & drop.

Do you give any discounts on shoe cleaning?

No we don’t, shoe Dry-cleaning is a manual process and takes up a lot of skilled time and resources which is why the cost associated with processing is very high, we keep the margins at the lowest side, which is the reason why we don’t offer discounts on Shoes & Bags Dry-cleaning services.

I had paid for my order but the order was not picked up. How will I get the refund?

In most of the cases, the money will be refunded automatically. You can also contact us or write to us.

Are the prices shown during the web checkout final ?

No, after the pickup is complete your garments reaches the nearest Astor outlet , the executive there check the garments and book them again in our system and a final invoice is generated , we will update you in case there are any changes or difference in the final pricing/category . Only when we get your consent on the final bill amount we proceed with the processing of your garments.

Why are the prices shown in the website not final?

With so many different garments to choose from especially within Indian Ethic wear category, it is not uncommon for the customer to choose the wrong category of a particular garment, in such scenarios we update the customer about the difference in price however we only proceed if and when we get a go ahead from customer’s end.

What happens if the final bill amount is not acceptable is not acceptable to me?

Don’t worry we will safely return your unprocessed garments without any charge.

How to contact us in case of a query/complaint?

You can always call at our call centre number or write us at [email protected], we will be more than happy to hear from you.