Our Environmental Credentials

ECO - Friendly

Organic garments Care


At ASTOR, we commit to environmental sustainability as it is an important and essential part of our company’s foundational principles, and makes us stay true to our name “ASTOR THE ORGANIC DRYCLEANERS”. We are committed to using environmentally-safe cleaning agents and processes through innovation and leading technological advancements, to deliver the highest quality results by reducing the carbon imprint on the environment.

We refrain from using any petrochemical solvents. Our organic products makes the cleaning process less abrasive as we treat the garments with gentle care, proven to protect the garments naturally against shrinkage and colour fade. These solutions are also dermatologically tested and Woolmark approved for best fabric care.
Our restoration and repair services is a sign of our commitment to give that extended shelf-life to the garments, shoes and bags a consumer invests in.

We are still advancing and developing new ways of making our services more environment friendly as we believe sustainability is the only way forward. Please feel free to write in to us any suggestions or plan of action on sustainable development. Any partnerships based on our vision and mission of prosperity are most welcomed.